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Over the last 28 years, the AUTM survey resulted in a large and varied dataset, with more than 84 different metrics collected. Some of these questions were not asked during the early (1991-1995) period, and some appeared on surveys for a only year or two. Results often showed gaps resulting from these changes. To streamline results presentation, STATT now provides a "core set" of 42 questions or data columns. Additional data available on request.


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2018 ALAS  Data Now Available

Data from the latest survey, 2018, has been loaded into STATT 4.2 and is now available with a single mouse click above.

Big 6

These metrics can be used to characterize overall activity (although many important details are lacking). Please note that LCEXEC is now a computed field or column, consisting of the sum of licenses (LCTOTLIC) and Options (LCTOTOPT)

(US/**Canada $)
Description Column Description

TOTEXP (CTOTEX**) Total research expenditures LCEXEC Licenses and Options Executed (LCTOTLIC+LCTOTOPT)
LIRECD (CLIREC**) Gross license income received INVDIS Disclosures
NPTAPP New patent applications STRTUP New startups formed


Data Updates

Data updates, to correct errors or other issues, take place as needed in accordance with AUTM policy, without notice. Generally, however, data collected more than two years ago is not updated, and is considered part of the historical record.

STATT Replacement

STATT development started in 2008-2009 as a replacement for "CD-ROM" data disks. Ten years later, there are plans to replace STATT with a new service. STATT 4.2 will be the last version. Richard Colman and the team at ColmanSoftech are pleased to have provided these development and operational services to AUTM, but will not be involved in future development. Additional information may be available from Paul Stark or Ragan Robertson.